Box of 3 bottles of 500 ml of organic extra virgin olive oil

25,20 (taxes included)

Organic extra virgin olive oil extracted from the first cold pressing and protected by the DOP Oil of La Rioja.


carpeum is an organic extra virgin olive oil.

Protected by the PDO Olive Oil from La Rioja.

sellos denominación origen

Extracted from the first cold pressing of olives from our Empeltre, Arbequina, Royuela and Machona olive trees. All this combination of olives give it a very fruity flavor with aromas of banana and apple, with hints of strawberry. In the mouth, it is unctuous, balanced, without acridity, leaving a silky palate,

To obtain the best organic extra virgin olive oil, we take care of the entire production process from the harvesting of the fruits, which is done manually and mechanized, selecting the right moment of maturation, going through the process of extracting the oil by pressure in cold, until conservation and bottling for sale.

Acidity : 0.10.

Format : Cardboard box containing 3 glass bottles of 500 ml of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Dimensions / Weight of the box of 3 bottles of 500 ml : 19 cm x 13 cm x 33 cm / 2.7 kg.

Storage: We recommend storing extra virgin olive oil in a cool place away from light.

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