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Organic extra virgin olive oil

The carpeum oil is extracted in the first cold pressing. It’s a very fruity oil which reminds you of the olive flavor with banana and apple aromas with strawberry touches. On the palate, it proves to be unctuous, balanced, without acidity, leaving your mouth with a long-lasting, silky, almond flavor.

Endorsed by the PDO Oil from La Rioja, its levels of oleic acid are above average compared to oils with similar features. Recommended as one of the pillars of a balanced diet thanks to its monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant propertis, its consumption produces a beneficial effect for one’s health.

250ml bottle
500ml bottle
1l tin
2.5l tin
5l tin
500ml tin

Available formats

Low Bitterness
Medium Sweetness
Low Piquancy
High Fruitiness
High Aromas

Organoleptic characteristics

Veiled Green

Olive varieties

Our olive grove consists of olive trees of different varieties, which confers our oil its unique flavor, aroma and texture.


Balanced, bitter and hot, slightly sweet. Expected almond and even apple flavor. Medium stability and rich in polyphenols as well as in oleic acid, greater in palmitic and linoleic acids.


Of intense, somehow ripe, fruit aroma, including almond, fig-tree leaves and tomato plants. On the palate, it leaves an intense bitterness and traces of not too strong piquancy. Its natural antioxidants confer to it great stability against oxidation. Native from La Rioja.


Small-sized, it produces oil with great aromatic intensity, greenish and yellowish fruity oils, with an aroma of apple and fresh almond, soft and sweet. They are slightly bitter and piquant, with great softness nonetheless.


Its green fruit (apple…) and green leaves aromas are soft and fresh; as for its flavor, on the palate it has an almond taste with light piquant and even sweet touches. Native from La Rioja.

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